Bar & Restaurant

Alsus Boutique Hotel - Adults Only - Heraklion Crete - forest orignal

A cocktail Bar and a wine Restaurant with aim of creating a natural and exotic environment that is easily accessible and pleasant. Provide a relaxation sense and the absolute tropical experience.

Discover the greenery and natural materials designed to pleasantly surprised you and make you escape from the ordinary.

Our menu derives from the Cretan and mediterranean cuisines that have origins since ancient times and are among the healthiest culinary experiences. Fresh and local ingredients and herbs are carefully selected to ensure a gastronomic journey into the flavours that remain through out the ages.

Our chefs will prepare for you fresh seafood, fish and prime cuts of selected meats which will be prepare on the traditional cooking technique by source of fire.

Alongside with our culinary suggestions you can enjoy signature cocktails which are prepare from our bartenders that use fresh ingredients.

Open from morning until late, our wine and dine bar area boasts a range of exciting spaces including the buzzy restaurant area under the exotic “hut”, relaxing Lounge in front the Cocktail Bar and a breath-taking tropical pool cabanas.

Specialised events throughout the week will be devoted to enrich your experience at the wine and dine area.

Our staff is committed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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